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Green Policies

Capital Junk is an environmental friendly Junk Removal company servicing Ottawa, Gatineau, and surrounding areas.  We are a company who strongly believes that not all junk is garbage and as a result we recycle and donate up to 70% of our loads; keeping unnecessary items out of landfills.  Our crews will hand sort the items and materials collected to determine what can be donated or sent to recycling facilities.

Many materials can be reused by local charities such as Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity. Furniture, books, clothing, construction debris, household appliances and many other items will be diverted from city landfills and given to someone in need. Items such as electronics, tires, cardboard, soil, concrete, plastics, broken appliances and scrap metal are all transported to local facilities for recycling.

In an effort to promote electronic recycling, we host bi-annual Free E-Waste Drop Off events in our local community! Local residents and businesses participate in this event; bringing in old cell phones, monitors, computers, dvd players, to name a few. Take a look at our Community page and to find out the details of our next Free E-Waste Drop-Off Day!

The City of Ottawa no longer accepts old appliances during regular municipal waste pick-ups and residents are expected to find a recycling facility and bring it in on their own. For many individuals, this is incredibly inconvenient or unmanageable to haul and transport an old appliance to a proper recycling facility. This is where Capital Junk can step in and take care of everything for you! Our professional junk removal experts will lift, load and recycling your old appliance for you. We are happy to offer reduced rates on appliance pick ups to residents in Ottawa, Hull-Gatineau and surrounding areas. Call today for more information!

We are an environmentally responsible company and are aware of the grave effects of Climate Change… That’s why we partnered up with the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation to become the First Carbon Neutral Fleet in Ottawa. The RVCF have estimated that our fleet produces 54 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2013 and in order to offset our Co2 emissions the RVCF planted 400 vigorous Canadian bare-root seedlings on land surrounding Ottawa.

Ottawa's First Carbon Neutral Fleet








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