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10 Home Repairs to Do Before Winter Sets In

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There are a bunch of different things that you’re going to want to get out of the way before the mercury starts to drop and cold weather really starts to set in. We’ve included ten of the most important home repair tips you’ll want to focus on below! Load up on insulation Unless you’re a …


FREE E-Waste Pick Up and Drop Off for the Ottawa Food Bank

Free E-Waste Pick Up and Drop Off with Donation to Ottawa Food Bank

Do you have an old television gathering dust in your basement that you’d love to get rid of? Have you recently upgraded your microwave but haven’t had a chance to safely dispose of the old one? Cracked iPhones amassing in a drawer? We have an opportunity for you to get rid of all your electronic …


5 Surprising Items that You Can’t Recycle

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As the world moves towards a more renewable model, it can be surprising to learn that some everyday materials are still not recyclable. With that in mind, let’s review five surprising items that you can’t recycle. Pizza Boxes “Come on, really?” By far, pizza boxes not being recyclable takes people most by surprise. Consider the …


Why Proper Junk Removal Is So Important

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Across Canada, trash and junk removal is done by a variety of municipalities and private junk removal services. Regardless of the relationship between the individual and the junk removal service, professionalism is key. Knowing who to go with when it comes to tossing potentially dangerous materials can help you dispose of waste in an economically …


Why is E-Waste Such a Big Deal?

electronic waste

You’ve probably heard a lot in the past couple years about e-waste, also known as electronic waste. Environmentalists and scientists have often been vocal in recent times about such waste and its effect on our agriculture, our natural resources, and on our society. A decade ago, most homes had a television and a desktop computer. …


How to Move to a New Office with Ease

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An office is more than just a place of business. Over the course of time, an office becomes a place next to home, a home away from home. It is where we actually spend most of our time, and in some cases more time than we spend at our home. Now, it happens quite often …

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