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Shopping Centre Junk Removal and Maintenance in Ottawa

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If you own or manage a shopping centre, strip mall, or big box outlet store in Ottawa, you know all too well that the image and appearance of your shops means a lot. You want to give shoppers the right impression, not drive them to spend their hard-earned money elsewhere because the outside premises of …


5 Tips for Decluttering Your Home

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If you are looking to reduce stress and anxiety in your life, one of the first places to look is the state of your home. Your home should be your oasis, but if it’s jammed with cluttered, it can be difficult to unwind or feel at ease in the space. Whether you are planning to …


10 Surprising Facts about Ottawa Junk Removal

10 Surprising Facts about Ottawa Junk Removal Prices based on volume only. The pricing structure for Ottawa junk removal is based soley on the amount of space your items take up in the truck. This price includes the labour cost and disposal fees. You don’t pay anything extra. Up-front pricing upon arrival. You know what …


Appliance Disposal Service: An Easy Move

Moving is stressful. It’s a ton of work, it’s expensive and there’s always a bunch of junk leftover that you don’t know what to do with. Plus, let’s face it, moving is a great reminder of all the things you’ve held onto for too long. Such as the unplugged, super old chest freezer your great …


The Spring Thaw: Honey, we need Junk Removal

Ah, spring time! The best time of year for junk removal! Winter loosens its grasp on our body and mind and the sun warms our heart and motivates us to prepare our bodies for beach weather. It’s time to open the windows and doors and do a good spring clean inside your home. Like clockwork, …


What Are Your Options For Furniture Removal?

furniture removal

Whether you’re moving in to a new home and looking for a fresh start, or you’ve just bought a brand new couch and you want to get rid of the old one, furniture removal can be a daunting task. If you take it into your own hands, look into dumpster rental in Ottawa, or call …

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