Experts in Light Bulb Disposal


Light Bulb Recycling

Several years ago we identified a need in Ottawa for light bulb recycling that was cost effective, convenient and safe. A major item on our list in particular, was finding ways to dispose of light bulbs with the lowest environmental impact possible. Businesses and members of the community voiced concerns regarding the lack of available options for them to recycle locally. In pursuit of such a service, we ultimately became the solution.

Why Is Recycling So Important?

There are toxins inside the bulbs that we wouldn’t want to expose to the environment (chemicals, mercury vapours). We suction out the bad stuff using special equipment and the metal and glass left behind is recycled. Choosing Capital Junk for light bulb recycling lowers the environmental impact from bulbs being smashed in a dumpster or ending up in a landfill.

Light Bulb Recycling Program

Capital Junk staff remove and recycle light bulbs from shopping centres, hospitals, small businesses and homes. We’re able to collect and recycle any amount of light bulbs or fixtures. When requested, we will issue a Certificate of Recycling for your corporate reimbursement or Hydro One’s Retrofit Program.

How Does It Work?

You simply have to get in touch with one of our customer service specialists to get a quote and to arrange a pickup. We recycle U-tube shaped bulbs, 2 pin, black lights, fluorescent, incandescent, halogen bulbs, LED lights, metal halide, high pressure sodium lamps and many more.

Upon arrival, your on-site contact would show our team where the bulbs are located. From there, experienced staff do an inventory count of the various light bulbs. After loading them into the truck, they return to the recycling facility to process the bulbs.

Our staff can also remove a vast assortment of debris such as light fixtures and their accompanying ballasts. Not to mention, we recycle ink cartridges and remove general garbage, office furniture… almost anything can be recycled and removed by Capital Junk!