How to Make Your Office Relocation Smoother with Capital Junk

Relocating your office can be a huge boost for your business. It often means more space, a better location, a more affordable building, or some combination of those benefits. But relocating an entire office is never as simple as you think it will be. Here’s how to smooth out the process, and how Capital Junk in Ottawa can help.

Consider Which Equipment Stays

One easy way to make an office relocation much easier is to sort out which equipment won’t be needed at the new location. Instead of moving everything over, you can have Capital Junk remove it before the relocation begins. That means less time you’ll spend packing, moving, unpacking, and organizing your equipment in your new space.

Don’t just consider your big equipment, though. Look around your space for all the little things. What about the break room microwave? The receptionist’s printer? Will these things need to be replaced with different models to fit your new space? Does your new space have other options available that make these items moot? We’ll pack them into the truck and haul them away for you – no need for you or your employees to lift a finger.

Start Planning Everything Early

During the relocation process, things are going to be hectic to say the least. So it’s best to get a head start on planning now. Be sure that you are planning for extra help to keep at least part of your business running and serving your clients while you move. Plan on moving the non-essential things first, because you’ll need essentials at the current work space to continue serving your clients. And be sure to change all your digital information as soon as you can. Don’t just update your website and social media profiles – change your NAP information with Google so that a quick search reveals the right location.

Think Hard About the Furniture

There are several reasons you’ll want to consider the furniture in your office when you move. First, does the new office space have room for the same furniture? More than likely, you’ll be reorganizing the flow of your space to suit the new property better. It may be that the waiting room sofa no longer fits in your new space. Another good point to consider is that many times, a move means a fresh new look for your business. You may want to spruce up your style to suit your new location, especially if the relocation is changing your target market.

When you need to get rid of furniture to make way for something new, Capital Junk can help. We’ll haul it away, and sort it for donation so it avoids the municipal waste stream.

Keep Services Cost Effective

One thing that any business can’t afford is for relocation costs to get too high. Moving is a huge expense already, considering you’re likely overlapping in utilities and rent payments to avoid a lack of service for your clients. That is why it’s important to get a cost effective service for getting rid of junk, moving items to the new location, and more.

At Capital Junk in Ottawa, we provide cost efficiency in two ways: First, we help you avoid even more expensive moving fees by hauling away what you don’t need. We’ll donate what can be salvaged, and safely dispose of what can’t be donated. Second, we offer speedy service that can keep your employees focused on their jobs, and keep you focused on yours. No one needs to pack anything, sort anything, or even help load the truck – just point us to what goes, and we’ll do the rest.

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