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Experiencing severe anxiety when trying to declutter or having the inability to throw away possessions may be a sign of hoarding. Hoarding is a form of OCD (Obsessive Compulsion Disorder) felt by 5% of Canadian adults. If there is distress or a feeling of embarrassment when trying to make a decision about an item, obsessive thoughts of needing an item in the future, you may be affected by hoarding.
If you or a loved one are finding it increasingly difficult to manoeuvre through your home because there is too much stuff, Capital Junk can help you to properly and compassionately remove the clutter. Don’t wait for a pipe to burst or for bugs or mold to become a problem. We can remove unwanted furniture, food goods, electronics, rubbish, books and much more. From tackling a basement to restoring all levels of the home, our customers have trusted us to respectfully and safely perform hoarder rubbish removal for over 10 years. Plus, with our volume-based pricing structure, you only ever pay according to how much volume your unwanted items would take up in our truck.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Area’s Do You Service?

2. How Is The Service Priced?

3. What Happens to My Junk?

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What Area’s Do You Service?

We service Gatineau, Ottawa and the surrounding areas. This includes Barrhaven, Orleans, Westboro, Hull, Cantley, Greely, Richmond, Stittsville and more!

How Is The Service Priced?

The cost of full-service junk removal is based on the amount of space your items will take up in our dumpster truck. Before we begin, staff gauge the volume of your unwanted materials and provide an up-front, no-obligation estimate.

What Happens to My Junk?

After your stuff has been loaded up, our staff return to the facility to hand-sort the goods and salvage items for donation or recycling. We are passionate about keeping resources out of the municipal waste stream and can divert up to 70% of the loads we remove.

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