Junk Removal

How To Keep Your Home Clutter-Free For Good

If you have to navigate through magazine piles to reach the living room, use your dining room table as knickknack storage, and can’t open the spare bedroom because piles of clothes are in the way, then there is an excellent chance that you need to take serious decluttering measures against your home. You’re going to…

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A Quick Guide To Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Spring cleaning can mean more than taking care of the main house. It may also be a smart idea to tackle your garage, as well. Of course, for most of us, this isn’t the most appealing idea in the world. Chances are, your garage is packed from floor to ceiling with gardening tools, hockey equipment,…

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3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Junk Removal Bin

Junk Removal Bin

There are many reasons why homeowners in Ottawa can benefit from renting a junk removal bin. If you are undergoing home renovations, it’s an easy way to haul away construction debris, old windows, that broken toilet, and other large and unwieldy items that are a regular byproduct of the renovation process. If you want to…

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Start the Year Right – 4 Easy Tips to Effectively Declutter Your Space

furniture removal ottawa

While some people might have resolutions to lose weight and earn more, others have New Year’s resolutions focused on decluttering their space. You probably accumulated some documents, old clothes, and even useless junk in the past year. Be honest – bet you have a broken refrigerator just hogging space in the garage, or at least…

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Estate Cleanout in 3 Easy Steps

After the passing of someone close, the last thing that you ever want to have to deal with is cleaning out their estate and making sure that the right things get to the right people and that the rest is disposed of as appropriate. People live incredibly complex lives, and along the way they accumulate…

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Why Proper Junk Removal Is So Important

junk removal ottawa

Across Canada, trash and junk removal is done by a variety of municipalities and private junk removal services. Regardless of the relationship between the individual and the junk removal service, professionalism is key. Knowing who to go with when it comes to tossing potentially dangerous materials can help you dispose of waste in an economically…

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Why is E-Waste Such a Big Deal?

electronic waste

You’ve probably heard a lot in the past couple years about e-waste, also known as electronic waste. Environmentalists and scientists have often been vocal in recent times about such waste and its effect on our agriculture, our natural resources, and on our society. A decade ago, most homes had a television and a desktop computer.…

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How to Move to a New Office with Ease

moving offices

An office is more than just a place of business. Over the course of time, an office becomes a place next to home, a home away from home. It is where we actually spend most of our time, and in some cases more time than we spend at our home. Now, it happens quite often…

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Tips for Moving In The Fall

Tips for Moving in the Fall

The summer is almost over and now it is time for you to get down to business. You are about to move, despite the fact that winter is coming, and that means you have little time to mess around. You also have very little tolerance for error, especially since your family depends on a smooth…

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10 Surprising Facts about Ottawa Junk Removal

10 Surprising Facts about Ottawa Junk Removal Prices based on volume only. The pricing structure for Ottawa junk removal is based soley on the amount of space your items take up in the truck. This price includes the labour cost and disposal fees. You don’t pay anything extra. Up-front pricing upon arrival. You know what…

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