Don't Burn Your Junk!

burning junk

If you’ve ever been to a backyard bonfire in the country, you know that junk is flammable. Whether it’s wooden furniture, linens, beds, couches – especially out in the country, there’s an old-school mentality to burn whatever you can and recycle the rest. Just because it’s flammable doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to burn…

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Have an Eco-Friendly Holiday Season

Have an Eco-Friendly holiday season

This year, why not make your holiday greener than ever? As more and more people start to develop a desire to become more eco-friendly, the holiday season is one of the perfect opportunities to really let your love for our planet shine. From groceries to your Christmas tree – there are countless simple ways that…

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Starting an Office Recycling Program

Starting an office recycling program

Between the take-out containers from lunch, the coffee cups, water bottles, and piles of print-outs that end up being tossed in the trash, it can be frustrating to watch as all that recyclable material from work ends up in the wrong place. If you feel like your office could and should implement a recycling program,…

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This Summer Vacation, Think Green

Summer is a time where it’s easy to recognize and embrace the beauty of the environment around us, so why not make a commitment to the environment by doing what you can for it, no matter where you go? Since summer is often a time for travelling to new and exciting destinations, it doesn’t mean…

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