Junk Removal for Property Management

Junk removal for property management.

Being a property manager comes with a lot of responsibility. And when it comes to taking on that responsibility, a junk removal company is always necessary to help clean up any mess. Between disgruntled tenants moving out, clearing out old debris, or cleaning up after a renovation on an apartment, it’s essential to have a…

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4 Decluttering Tasks To Do Before Winter

Before the woes of winter set in, giving your home a good decluttering can surprisingly work wonders. Not only will it make your home clean and tidy, but it will also keep your state of mind clear and focused. Before the temperatures drop and those days begin to shorten, roll up your sleeves and get…

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3 Tips to Get Your Home Organized (and Keep It That Way)

For some lucky people, keeping your home organized is like a naturally born talent. But for many others, organizing your home can be as mystifying as Algebra was back in high school – you have no clue where to even begin. Well, don’t fret. All you need is a few inspiring ways that will encourage…

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A Quick Guide to Basement Cleanup

Out of sight, out of mind – it isn’t always a good thing. When it comes to your basement, it’s easy to stuff junk down there without really noticing how fast it can accumulate. Before you know it, you’re carving a path just to get from one end to the other. With nooks and crannies…

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Today is Tragically Hip Day

Thanks to Mayor Jim Watson, August 18th will go down in history as Tragically Hip Day. Canadian Tire Centre will house the musical legends at 8:30 PM today, in front of 19,000 lucky fans. Gord Downie, lead singer of The Hip was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer in May this year. Shortly after the…

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This Summer Vacation, Think Green

Summer is a time where it’s easy to recognize and embrace the beauty of the environment around us, so why not make a commitment to the environment by doing what you can for it, no matter where you go? Since summer is often a time for travelling to new and exciting destinations, it doesn’t mean…

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Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

eco friendly cleaning products

We all want a clean home. From daily cleanup to weekly vacuum to monthly scrubbing, we do whatever it takes to get the job done. When it comes to cleaning, many of us use store-bought cleaners and detergents because they’re convenient and advertised as effective. Although they may indeed restore a sparkle to your home,…

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Are Your Kids Passionate About Recycling?

kids helping with recycling

Environmentally conscious homeowners are becoming more and more enlightened about the benefits of recycling. But when you’re the only one in a household who cares about making a difference, a large percentage of potentially recyclable materials could be going to the wrong bins because of careless kids. Don’t keep the habit to yourself and get…

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Make Your Own Garden Soil with Organic Compost

You can save money and cut down on the amount of kitchen waste that is thrown in the garbage by adding composting to your backyard gardening approach. Consider making your own highly enriched garden soil with organic compost – a process that is simple, tremendously effective for plant growth, and environmentally-friendly. If you haven’t adventured…

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Make a Difference with Junk Removal: Here’s How

Removing unwanted junk and clutter from your house is a great way to create more space and help you feel more relaxed in your home. It’s easy to fall into the trap of throwing your old items into a junk room and forgetting about it – out of sight, out of mind. Until, however, all…

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