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Where to Get Rid of Old Furniture in Ottawa

Old furniture in family living room

Planning a living room makeover? Purchased a stylish new leather sectional and don’t need the old couch anymore? Inherited a dining room set and need to get rid of the old table? In Ottawa, there are many ways you can safely and responsibly dispose of your unwanted furniture, and dozens of drop-off sites can be…

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Reclaim Your Space with Appliance Removal Services

Reclaim Your Space with Appliance Removal Services

Are you like millions of others who suffer with old appliances taking up space in the garage or other areas of the home? It can be incredibly difficult to find someone to remove old refrigerators, chest freezers, non-functioning washers or dryers, and even an oven or dishwasher serving as storage! Fortunately, Capital Junk has full…

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Washer and Dryer Removals: We Can Do It!

Contractor disassembling a washing machine

Ready to upgrade to new, high-efficiency appliances? Tossing the old washer and dryer as part of a home renovation? Did your old school washer finally clunk out on you?  No matter the reason, at Capital Junk we can quickly and efficiently remove these appliances without any hassle. To prepare for a removal and streamline the…

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A Senior’s Guide to Selecting Service Providers


In today’s modern world, regardless of your age, it can feel overwhelming to come to a decision of which professional company to select for various services, including junk removal. However, many seniors fall prey to schemes and scams that target those who are most vulnerable. Here are the key characteristics of legitimate companies and employees,…

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Backyard Junk Cleanup


When faced with the messy outcome of a backyard renovation or cleanup, it can be overwhelming and daunting to sort through and safely remove any junk or debris lying around. By entrusting a junk removal service such as Capital Junk, you can avoid frustration and have some extra sets of hands assist in your backyard…

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Donating Unneeded Items


Everyone accumulates unnecessary items over time. At Capital Junk, we pride ourselves on donating what we can so that those in need can benefit. Of course, there are ways you can find new homes for what you don’t want anymore. Whether you’re moving, downsizing, decluttering, or simply want to pare down, here are a few…

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Your Grandkids Don't Want Your Junk!


Our customers tell us that they are finally ready to part with their children’s old toys, cribs, and clothing. Now that their adult kids are graduating university, getting married, or having kids of their own, they see an opportunity to unload that “extra stuff” onto that family member. Most of the time, their next of…

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Don't Burn Your Junk!

burning junk

If you’ve ever been to a backyard bonfire in the country, you know that junk is flammable. Whether it’s wooden furniture, linens, beds, couches – especially out in the country, there’s an old-school mentality to burn whatever you can and recycle the rest. Just because it’s flammable doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to burn…

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The Emotional Impact of Clutter


It’s spring time, which means we’re gearing up for another spring cleaning season! In this time of renewal, we all have an opportunity to start fresh and begin anew. Whether that’s clearing off the PVR, doing a little spring cleaning on our friends lists, or finally cleaning out the front closet, everyone is a busy…

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Stanley Cup Tribute Show

Friday March 16th at the Canadian Tire Centre was filled with Ottawa’s most dedicated hockey devotees. Anxious fans waited to watch their favourite NHL legends take the stage and give us a glimpse of what life in the limelight means to them. In addition, fans were treated to musical performances by Canadian acts Metric,The Sheepdogs,…

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