Have you been looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint on the world but are not sure where to start? This quick list will show you 7 ways to live sustainably without drastically modifying your lifestyle.

Use Alternative Transportation

Your car produces carbon emissions that could be avoided if you walk, ride your bike, carpool or take public transit. Even switching to one of these methods a few days out of the week will reduce your carbon footprint drastically over time.

Optimize Your Car

When you can’t live without your car, you should at least optimize it to reduce your CO2 output. A few easy ways to do this is to keep your tires properly inflated, make sure to use the correct grade of motor oil, purchase a higher quality of gas, trade in your roof-top box for a hitch-mounted cargo rack, and maintain a consistent speed when you’re out on the road.

Insulate Your Home

Air leaks don’t only spike your utility bills, but they also waste a lot of energy. The windows, doors, and attic space need to be properly sealed to prevent energy loss. You can easily reduce your carbon footprint by insulating and weather stripping your home.

Buy Energy Star Appliances

Products that have the Energy Star label are recognized as superior when it comes to energy efficiency. So when it’s time to replace your fridge, air conditioner, dishwasher, or furnace, make sure you choose Energy Star appliances for your home.

Reduce Your Water Usage

You can also reduce your impact by making water-efficient choices. Start with changing out your showerheads, faucet heads, and outdoor sprinklers to efficient, eco-friendly models. Then make an effort only to use the dishwasher, shower, and washing machine during off-peak electricity times. But if you want to go the extra mile, take the initiative to replace your toilet with a low flush option, and swap out all your dominant water appliances for Energy Star ones.

Eat Local and Organic

Most of the food in that you find in Canadian grocery stores these days is not grown in Canada. Often times it’s shipped across borders on transport trucks. The amount of petroleum-based fuels it takes to move food like this is excessive. By eating locally-produced and organic food, you can reduce your footprint, support your local vendors and economy and reduce the impact on the environment.

Dispose of Your Junk Properly

It’s essential that we all reuse and recycle our consumer products when we’re finished with them. If your basement is piling up with junk or you’re getting ready to downsize or move, don’t throw your trash to the curb. Call us at Capital Junk to remove the items for you. We’ll make sure it’s disposed of in the most appropriate fashion.

At Capital Junk, we’ll come and remove anything that’s non-hazardous from your property. Our trained professionals will call you 15 minutes prior to their arrival within a 2-hour scheduled window. We even offer same day service! Call us today to find out more and help reduce your carbon footprint on the world!

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