Do you feel a little overwhelmed when you have to tackle the yard work? Not sure where to start? Sometimes a to-do list can help you dig in and get it finished quickly so you can sit back and enjoy it. Here we’ll show you how you can keep your exterior under control with these five steps to follow when cleaning your yard this summer and fall.

Pull the Weeds

It may be a bit of a pain at first but pulling out the weeds from their roots is a necessity. If you skip this step and go straight to mowing your lawn, you will only end up with more weeds every week. So take the extra time to pull out the weeds from the lawn and garden when cleaning your yard.

Mow the Lawn

Now’s the time to start mowing the lawn. If you have a lawnmower that will mulch and cut the grass at the same time, make sure the mulching insert is in place before starting. Once finished, trim the edges with an edger near any slabs of pavement, around your home and your driveway for a nice clean look.

Patch the Lawn

Now that you can see the ground once again, look for any patchy spots that need some seed. When replanting the grass, make sure to apply the right type of grass and at the right time to avoid having to do it all over again. Follow the instructions on the grass seed package carefully.

Clean the Garden

If you’ve been neglecting the garden, get out your gloves and clippers to clean up any overgrown shrubs and pull up the weeds to allow more sun and nutrients to access your plants.

Wash the Surfaces

The back patio, deck, and interlocking stone should always get a good wash and scrub when you’re cleaning your yard. So get out a pale and mop and give everything a clean to get rid of any leftover winter grime.

Take out Large Waste

When you have lots of grass, leaves, large debris and waste left over; you’ll need to discard of it properly. If you’re not sure what to do with it, don’t just leave it on your front yard and hope the garbage truck will take it away. Instead, call us at Capital Junk!

We offer same day service and will come and discard any of your waste correctly for you. Contact us today!

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