Are you getting ready for a move or maybe you’ve decluttered your home and found a number of items that you won’t be needing anymore? If you’re unsure what to do with your old furniture or belongings, you should hire someone to dispose of them properly. However, year after year, thousands of people dispose of their unwanted items improperly which causes excess waste, accidents, and even tax dollars. To show you what we mean, here are five things you should never do with unwanted items.

Burn Them

Rule number one — never burn any items. Not only could it create a fire that you may not be able to control, but it could also create harmful gases and toxins that could put you and any nearby neighbours in danger. Items like plastic products and furniture tend to emit very high levels of toxic chemicals and particulate matter that cause health and environmental damage. And beyond the fact that it’s dangerous, it’s also illegal and could put you in some serious trouble with the police.

Toss to the Curb

What seems like an innocent curb toss can become a hazard for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers on the road. Larger items that end up tossed to the curb often cause accidents when the belongings get blown out onto the sidewalk and street. Smaller items can also end up on neighbour’s lawns and in gutters where they don’t belong.

Improperly Recycling

Before you toss any of your unwanted items in the recycling box, check with your local recycling centre to find out if the items are permitted. If not, you could face fines from the municipality if they find out that you disposed of it incorrectly. Contaminating recycling with improperly disposed of items costs the city big money to remove the materials to get them into the correct stream.

Leave Them Behind

The last thing anyone wants to see when they open the doors to their new home is someone else’s old stuff. It’s common courtesy to make sure that all your belongings have been removed from the home once you move out. Leaving your leftover items for someone else to deal with is just bad manners.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to find a way to dispose of your unwanted items properly. So instead of throwing it to the curb, burning it, or leaving it behind, call us at Capital Junk. We’ll come pick up the stuff you don’t want and properly dispose of it for you.

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