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Are you looking to get rid of an old piano? Pianos are very heavy and cumbersome so they must be handled properly by a professional team. Our fully insured removal experts are trusted to carefully maneuver, haul and carry your piano out the door with ease. Whether the instrument was inherited, left behind by a previous tenant or you need it removed before selling your home, an old piano occupying space in your house must be dealt with promptly.

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A lot of people out there are looking at removing unwanted pianos in their homes. These beautiful musical instruments may be family heirlooms or have been handed down as gifts from earlier musical artists. Unfortunately, the modern dwelling is often not as spacious as the sprawling homes of the past. A lack of space makes it difficult to keep these lovely pianos, no matter how much sentimental value they have for a family. Alternatively, earlier generations may have been passionate about piano playing but their gift is unsuited to the present generation simply because they don’t share their love of playing the piano.

Need Piano Movers? Who to Call?

You love that old piano, which uncle Harry bequeathed to you in his will. It has enormous sentimental value and is in fairly good shape but you don’t play the piano. You have been wanted to find a good home for it for quite some time since it has become a handy place to hang your coat. Regrettably, as a coat hanger, it has somewhat lost its appeal. Still, you don’t want to send it to the trash so you advertise your piano for sale. 

Many people are interested but don’t want the inconvenience of moving it to their own homes. Capital Junk can help. We do piano removals so you don’t need to worry about finding a good home for uncle Harry’s old piano and you know he will understand that your home has just become too small for it anymore. Call Capital Junk – problem solved!

Piano Recycling – Adoption/Refurbishment/Auction

  • Piano Adoption

If you believe that your beautiful family heirloom may still be worth saving – then may be a viable option. This site will happily adopt pianos, which are in good shape or can be rescued. You may need to play your role in getting the piano to their location though. Your piano still needs to be removed and transported to its new adopters. For this, you will need to rely on piano removal experts for help.

If the professional adoption strategy doesn’t pay off – try looking for a new home for your piano yourself. There may be a church in your area who can use your old piano or can raise funds to have it fixed. Perhaps there is a school in the neighborhood, which could use a new musical entertainment to educate children on the joys of playing the piano. Maybe there is a shelter or educational community for adults who would like to have a piano donated for their benefit. Even a restaurant, boutique hotel or a bookshop may enjoy your piano as a new addition to their décor or entertainment potential. Try it – you just never know who the new family home to your old piano will be. 

  • Piano Refurbishment

At times, your piano may just need some tender loving care to get it up and running in good order again. You may even have located someone who is willing to take your lovely old piece off your hands to do exactly that. Piano refurbishment is a very costly activity so it may not be a problem finding someone to shower it with TLC but that kind soul may not be prepared to pay for piano removal costs as well. Capital Junk is your solution as we will transport your piano to its new home, where it will find new life and love.

  • Piano Auction

At a complete loss as to how to dispose of your piano? One option is to call a few auction houses to ask them what their interest levels are. They may have a list of clients wanting to purchase second-hand pianos to refurbish and resell or just to resell at a profit. Because pianos are quite unwieldy and don’t easily lend themselves to being moved due to their weight or shape, the auction house may not be interested in going to this expense. That leaves you to your own devices once again. Capital Junk can step in at any point to help you solve this inconvenience through our effective piano removal service offering.  

Piano Disposal Required?

When your piano is in such poor shape that no-one will want to purchase it, the dump may be your last resort. You have hung on to it for so long hoping for a better solution that has just never materialized. Now may be the time to take further action in putting yourself and your piano out of its misery. Uncle Harry will understand that you just don’t have space for his old piano and that it has become a white elephant.

The time has come for your piano to take its last journey to the piano graveyard after decades of valuable service. Whether this service was in providing beautiful music, was pleasing to the eye or simply an eyesore – you know it is now the right time. There is simply no point in delaying the inevitable any longer. Piano disposals are just one more part of the services we provide so that you don’t have to feel bad about junk removal. 

Capital Junk and Piano Disposals, Piano Movers and Piano Recycling 

Yes. We do it all. Every day, people call us wanting information about whether we do piano disposals or piano recycling. We provide both of these services and we are accomplished piano movers. We also do junk removal but seldom look at a piano as junk. It is completely understandable though when some pianos may just be in such a poor condition that they have deteriorated become past their restoration date. Then, they will become ready for junk removal. 

When your piano is still in a reasonable condition – please feel free to complete the form on our website – Selling Your Piano. Where piano recycling, junk removal, piano removal or disposal or piano removals are needed – Capital Junk is dedicated to finding the best solution for you. Contact Capital Junk now to see how they can solve your piano removal problem!